Experts Teach Best Practices for SSL Certificate Management in Recent Webinar

Website security should be a top priority in today’s world as cybersecurity issues can compromise any organization’ digital wellbeing. SSL certificates provide a way of strengthening web security. What are the best techniques for certificate management? Seasoned professionals from our service partner, SECTIGO, shared insights through this webinar.

The Certificate Management 101 Webinar was an introductory presentation to the role of SSL/TLS certificates in the network security ecosystem. The webinar was held on March 23, 2022 with the following focus areas:

  • Basics of SSL certificates and crucial relevance in data protection
  • Current challenges of IT security teams
  • Certificate lifecycle management
  • UbuntuNet Alliance: Management of digital certificate infrastructure.

The webinar had a total attendance of 55 participants. A total of 17 women participated which represents growing numbers in the involvement of women in our capacity building activities held under the AfricaConnect 3 project.

Tim Callan, the Chief Experience Officer at Sectigo, led the presentation and provided foundational information on what SSL certificates are and their role in an environment that is getting more attractive to the ‘bad guys’. Tim further provided potential upcoming changes to lifecycle management such as enforcement of 90-day validity certificates by major browser provides and the importance of lifecycle management tools.

On his part, Alex Mwotil provided a collaboration history between UbuntuNet Alliance and Sectigo and how the Sectigo Certificate Manager (SCM) is a perfect match for a RREN-NREN-Institution structure. With its support for federated authentication, user authorization levels and customization, the SCM is a one-stop portal for certificate management. Over the next 2 years, UbuntuNet Alliance and Sectigo are providing low-cost SSL certificates for institutions within East and South Africa. If interested, please write to or consult with your local NREN.

The video of the recording is available HERE with the passcode: bc!XST#4

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