UbuntuNet-Connect 2012 | 15/16 November 2012 | Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Theme: UbuntuNet – Promoting Regional Research and Education Collaboration

Hosted by TERNET, the Tanzanian Research and Education Network

in partnership with UbuntuNet Alliance.

 UbuntuNet-Connect is the Annual Conference of UbuntuNet Alliance that focuses on research and education networking activities in Africa. It is organized by UbuntuNet Alliance and hosted by member NRENs. The Conference brings together practitioners in the research and education networking community, researchers, policy makers, academicians, connectivity providers, and a pool of expertise from across Africa and beyond. In previous years, the conference has attracted sponsorship from leading commercial companies and service providers.

The annual networking conference provides opportunities for people with special interests to share their experiences, ideas and plans in the light of research and education networking and applications. Proceedings and report of previous conferences are available under ISSN 2223-7062.

UbuntuNet-Connect 2012 will be hosted by the Tanzania Education and Research Network (TERNET) and will be held in Dar es Salaam on 15 to 16 November 2012. It will be preceded by a series of other pre-conference events on 10- 14 November.