October 31-November 1, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Theme: Maximizing Technological Advancements in Research and Education

UbuntuNet Alliance promotes research and education networking in East and Southern Africa. This year’s conference theme underscores our commitment to exploring the transformative power of technology in research and education. The conference shall discuss how upgrades to network infrastructures, Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Computing, High-Performance Computing, and Open Science, among other things, can enhance the quality, reach, and impact of research and education pursuits within the UbuntuNet Alliance region and beyond.

The UbuntuNet Connect 2024 Conference theme, therefore, looks broadly at the issues surrounding technological advancements in research and education. Keynote presentations, panel discussions, and paper presentations are invited that address topics and anchor discussions on the conference theme.


  • Network Connectivity – Explores the current landscape of connectivity and advancements in networking technologies including remote connectivity solutions and the adoption of IPv6 across Africa.
  • Emerging Digital Technologies – These technologies include artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain, Geographic Information Systems, Internet of Things (IoT), and big data analytics. How have they been leveraged in support of research and education? What are some of the new technologies coming out of our region?
  • Open Science – Presentation of digital tools and platforms supporting availability and use of open science. What are some of the successful use cases?
  • Cloud Computing Solutions – Evaluating the benefits and challenges of cloud-based services and infrastructure for research data management, scalable computing, and collaborative projects.
  • Digital Inclusion and Accessibility – Addressing the importance of ensuring equitable access to technology and digital resources for all learners and researchers, including those with disabilities and from under-served communities.

  • Ethical Considerations in Technology Integration – Discuss ethical frameworks, responsible AI practices, and societal implications of technology adoption in research and education.

  • High-Performance Computing for Advanced Research – Delving into utilising HPC systems, parallel computing architectures, and distributed computing frameworks to accelerate scientific simulations, modelling, and data-intensive computations in research fields.

Call for Paper Presentation and Panel Discussion Proposals

The call for panel discussion and paper presentation proposals is now open.  Proposals will be accepted until June 30, 2024, with notification of acceptance by July 29, 2024.  All those within Africa whose papers or panels are accepted shall be provided with round-trip economy air ticket to Dar es Salaam, airport transfers and three day full-board accommodation to attend the conference.  All presenters shall still be required to pay the conference registration fee ($100 early bird and $150 regular registration for those in Africa).

Who Should Attend/Why should you attend?

  • College and University ICT Directors (or equivalent) and Librarians – Opportunity to present on the extent of digitalisation in your institution, learn from others as well as gather information and hold discussions on challenges faced, potential digital solutions, and opportunities for collaboration.
  • Researchers, academics, students – Share how you are using digital technologies and the UbuntuNet Alliance/NREN research and education network to support your research, teaching and learning as well as on future directions. Provides opportunities to learn and form new collaborations across the continent.
  • Government officers (related to ICT and Education) –  Expound on your government’s current and future policies, actions, and plans in stimulating the redesign of digitalised African universities. Gives you an opportunity to learn from what is happening in other countries.
  • Private/Industry – Present case studies on the emerging digital technologies in support of the digitalised African University. You have the opportunity to learn and discuss about the challenges universities face, present solutions, seek potential business.
  •   NREN Community – opportunity  to listen to the voice of the customer and learn areas where the services offered by NRENs can be catalyst of and anchor of the redesigned digital college and university.


  • March 11, Call for papers presentations and panel discussions opens.
  • June 3, Opening Early Bird Registration.
  • June 30, Call for papers and panel discussions closes.
  • July 29, Paper presentation and Panel Proposal Notification.
  • August 31, Close Early Bird Registration.
  • September 30, Close Regular Registration.
  • October 31-November 1, UbuntuNet-Connect 2024.


UbuntuNet Connect 2024 presents a rare opportunity for companies and organisations with a national, regional or global footprint to to meet Africa’s research and education networking community and market their products and services.

Reasons to Sponsor

  1. Thought Leadership – Position your products, services, and executives as key players in the research and education community.
  2.  Networking – Gain face-to-face access and directly contact typically hard to reach decision-makers and education community.
  3. Branding – The sponsorship will give your company or organisation visibility that it needs in the African research and education community.


White Sands Resort and Conference Centre

Situated on a private beach 25 km North of Dar es Salaam and Julius Nyerere International Airport.  The facility is the long white sandy Mbezi Beach.


Early Bird Registration will Open on June 3, 2024.

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