UbuntuNet Alliance

The regional Research and Education Networking organization for Eastern and Southern Africa

We manage and operate UbuntuNet, the regional backbone network that interconnects National Research and Education Networks (NRENs) and connect them to other regional networks. Our mission is to secure affordable broadband and efficient ICT access and usage for African NRENs and their associated communities of practice.



LIBSENSE Virtual Workshop, 3 June 2020

This LIBSENSE workshop co-organized by WACREN, EIFL and COAR will convene the African community of repository managers and other open access services and advocates and cover three topics:

1) Open Access, Open Science policies and repositories: what works and what doesn’t;

2) repository infrastructure and services: how to build cohesiveness across layers of local, national and regional services; and

3) communities of practice: how to strengthen open science communities in Africa.

African participants will share experiences, lessons learned and discuss how to best design effective Open Access and Research Data Management policies and how to progress their adoption and implementation. They will also co-design the guiding principles for institutional repositories to follow in order to build services on top of repositories and cohesiveness across local, national and regional repository services.

ICT Connectivity: The Oxygen of Today’s Agricultural Researcher, 18 June 2020

Information and communication technology (ICT) has become a mission-critical element for success in modern agricultural research around the globe. In that sense, ICT has become like the “oxygen” for ag research. Just as we cannot have life on this planet without oxygen, today’s agricultural researchers cannot carry out highly effective research programs if they don’t have access to robust ICT connectivity and toolsets. Unfortunately, ICT connectivity and utilization at agricultural research institutions and universities throughout Sub-Saharan Africa lags far behind those at counterpart institutions on other continents.

While fiber-based connectivity is pouring into Africa from every direction, not enough attention is being directed to improving ICT connectivity and bandwidth at Africa’s National Agricultural Research System (NARS) institutions. How do we address this problem and what is the best path forward?

Education Collaborative Virtual Conference 2020, 16 June 2020, 

Though the novel virus has ravaged different sectors of the economy across the world, one area undeniably affected is the educational system. 

Schools from the basic to the tertiary levels, have remained closed for the last two months, with its related challenges.

As African countries prepare to ease these restrictions on gatherings and school closures, there is the need to assess the higher educational system, the lessons we’ve learned, the gaps that have arisen, and the challenges we’ve overcome, and chart new pathways to maximize the almost-disguised-opportunities that this pandemic has opened up for education delivery.


Network connectivity in different forms and sizes is our core business. Additional services on top of the network are being rolled out continuously for the member NRENs to use themselves or offer them to their institutions.


UA is running a network across the region and onwards to Europe. The NRENs can choose between flexible offers depending on their demand and preconditions.


Looking for infrastructure to host services? Need a backup and fail-over solution? We are offering different virtualisation and containerisation platforms, hosted in our region.


We offer solutions for different aspects of Identity Management: eduID (Single Sign-On, WebSSO), User Stores (LDAP, Database) and user certificates.


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AfricaConnect3 supports the development of high-capacity internet networks for research and education across Africa.


To establish a set of agreements for participating world regions to consolidate/complete middleware for a marketplace of services and real-time applications to benefit global science communities.


Energising Scientific Endeavour through Science Gateways and e-Infrastructures in Africa



Support dialogue between the EU and African Research and Educational Networks, with special attention to Western and Central Africa region, and create favourable conditions for WACREN to be able to participate in and benefit to the most from AfricaConnect2.