Webinar on How to Utilize AWS Cloud Procurement Framework Agreement

On June 13, 2024, UbuntuNet Alliance, in collaboration with Amazon Web Services (AWS) and the partner Redington, successfully hosted a highly informative webinar focusing on the newly established “AWS Cloud Procurement Framework.” This event provided valuable insights for National Research and Education Networks (NRENs) and member institutions looking to leverage AWS Cloud services.

The webinar began with an opening address by Revelation Nyirongo, a DevOps Engineer at UbuntuNet Alliance. In his introduction, Revelation emphasized UbuntuNet Alliance’s commitment to advancing technological capabilities across the region. He highlighted the Alliance’s strategic position in promoting and establishing innovative agreements like the AWS Cloud Procurement Framework. Revelation stressed that such initiatives are crucial for empowering NRENs and member institutions to leverage cutting-edge cloud technologies efficiently and cost-effectively. He underscored the Alliance’s role as a facilitator, bringing together industry leaders like AWS and regional educational and research institutions to foster digital transformation and enhance research and education capabilities across Africa. This opening set the stage for the enlightening session that followed, contextualizing the importance of the framework agreement for members within UbuntuNet Alliance’s region.

Fuad Zaru, BD Capture Manager at Amazon Web Services, then delivered a 15-minute deep dive into AWS Framework Agreements. Zaru’s presentation shed light on the intricacies of the cloud procurement framework, elucidating its components and the myriad benefits it offers to NRENs and member institutions seeking to procure AWS Cloud Services. Following Zaru’s presentation, Antonio Carrozzo from AWS continued the discussion, providing additional insights and perspectives on the framework agreements. The webinar then shifted focus to AWS partners, with Alam Shaikh, AWS Practice Leader at Redington Gulf, delivering a comprehensive 30-minute presentation. Shaikh introduced Redington and highlighted their value proposition to UbuntuNet Alliance region. This session was particularly beneficial for attendees, as it showcased the AWS Competencies that NRENs and members can leverage during both the procurement and implementation phases of AWS Cloud services at much discounted prices.

The Webinar concluded with a 15-minute feedback and Q&A session. This interactive segment allowed participants to seek clarification, share their thoughts, and discuss potential applications of the AWS Cloud Procurement Framework within their respective institutions. The webinar provided crucial insights for educational and research institutions looking to leverage cloud computing through the AWS Framework Agreement. To take advantage of this opportunity, institutions should contact the Alliance, or their NREN for detailed information on how to access and implement the AWS Framework Agreement.

For those who missed the webinar, watch the recording from the following webinar recording link. Password: !mT4fVAL

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