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UbuntuNet Privacy Notice

Updated 10th February 2022


UbuntuNet Alliance for Research and Education Networking (UA) is registered in Malawi with its registered office at Golden Peacock House, Lilongwe, Malawi. UA is dedicated to safeguarding the personal data that we process, as well as to developing and applying data protection solutions that are effective, fit for purpose and demonstrate an understanding of, and appreciation for Malawi data protection legislation. We are committed to ensuring ongoing and continued compliance with data protection legislation and guidance provided by the supervisory authorities with regard to our business as a whole and all of our service offerings. This Privacy Notice concerns the processing of your personal data for which UA has collected personal data directly or indirectly from you that is needed to provide you a service, the purposes for which your personal data is being collected, how it is stored, shared and for how long will be retained.

How Does UA Collect and Process Your Personal data?

UA Events

UA organises, hosts and promotes many events globally. These include seminars, conferences, training sessions, webinars, info-shares, networking events, task forces and/or special interest group meetings, workshops, social events or other gathering organised by UA. If you register for one of our events we may collect, depending on the nature of the event, the following information from you or someone within your organisation including, name, organisation or affiliation, email address, address, contact telephone number, job title (when requested), payment information (when requested), dietary requirements (optional)

Additionally, event registration information will be collected, carefully analysed, and processed by our internal teams. This information in anonymized form will be further used for statistical and reporting purposes. This information will be used by UA to continuously improve the subjects of our events, the content, the frequency, as well as the communication around our events.   During the event, UA may capture some collective and individual images, audio or video recordings, and collect information provided by others (especially during training sessions), to evaluate your performance as a speaker or as a trainer. We could also make and store a recording of your voice in certain instances. UA may use this information, including your personal data, in online communication channels such as social media pages, websites and blogs.

If you are a speaker at one of our events, we will also collect information including your name, institution/company and contact information.  We may invite you to provide more information about you. UA will keep this information available on its websites for an indefinite period of time for educational purposes, but you are able to delete your own personal data at any time. This information, that could include pictures and an abbreviated biography (optional in both cases, and always provided by you), is managed by UA. Rectification and removal requests can be submitted to the UA staff member responsible for events.

UA Publications

UA has several channels to provide you with content, such as blog, websites, Nuance magazine, social media pages managed by UA, newsletters and mailing lists. The subscription for UA publications is provided on a voluntary basis and you can at any time unsubscribe. We may need your email address to be provided in order to send you UA publications. UA relies on a legitimate interest to process your personal information for purposes of fulfilling your request to receive our publications.  

Data storage and retention periods


  • Conferences and Trainings

Attendee lists and Photographs of events will be stored and archived for an unlimited period. Feedback forms will be retained no longer 4 years.


UA will retain your information so long as you wish to remain a subscriber to one or more of our publications. 

Question, concerns and complaints

UA head office is based in Lilongwe, Malawi. Please let us know if you have any questions, complaints or concerns about how UA processes your personal data or about this Privacy Notice, by contacting our Communications Officer

Communications Officer
UbuntuNet Alliance for Research and Education Networks
Golden Peacock House
P.O. Box 2550
Lilongwe, Malawi

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