Alternative accommodation

Explore a range of alternative accommodation options that conference participants can choose from. To book your stay, kindly reach out directly to the respective suppliers for reservations.

S/NHotel NameLocationRoom typeNo. of roomsCost per nightContact phoneContact EmailOnline Booking linkDrive timeShuttle costs per trip
1Cassia LodgeBuzigaSingle deluxe20140256 755 777 004info@cassialodge.comwww.cassialodge.comAbout 5 minutes65
2Kalanoga ResortBusabalaSingle deluxe10200256709864363reservations@kalanogaresort.comN/AAbout 15 minutes100Per day drop off and pick up
3Aquarius Resort HotelKigo-Express waySingle deluxe20180256709715011reservations@aquariuskigoresort.comwww.aquariuskigoresort.comAbout 5 minutes65
4Serena Victoria Resort and SpaKigo-Express waySingle deluxe>20303256 313 221000lakevictoria@serenahotels.comreservations.serenahotels.comAbout 5 minutes60
5Speke Resort MunyonyoMunyonyoSingle deluxe>20200256 (0) 752 711 714spekeresort@spekeresort.comwww.spekeresort.comN/AN/A
6Serena Hotel KampalaKampala City CenterSingle deluxe>20200256 312 30 minutes70
7Sheraton hotel KampalaKampala City CenterSingle deluxe>20200256 31 30 minutes70
8Golden Tulip HotelNakasero- KampalaSingle deluxe>20180256 30 minutes75

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