UbuntuNet-Connect 2011 | 23 – 25 November 2011 | Nairobi, Kenya

Full presentations are available on the Programme page.

The UbuntuNet-Connect Annual Conference is a major calendar event, starting from humble beginnings four years ago, and growing each year to what became a world class event in Johannesburg last year: UbuntuNet-Connect 2010 brought together key stakeholders from around the continent and the world and provided a rich environment for learning and networking.  The conference was closed by Mrs Vera Brenda Ngosi, Director, Directorate of Human Resources Science and Technology, African Union Commission.  In her closing remarks, Mrs Ngosi commended the positive energy, interaction, and lessons shared during the conference, and challenged the participants to redouble their efforts to ensure access for success.  Access for Success: This was taken up by the Alliance as a battle cry, and has been adopted as the theme for UbuntuNet-Connect 2011.

Access alone does not create success: it is the collaboration so enabled and the full exploitation of advanced e-infrastructures that will lead to success. While maintaining our traditional major areas of coverage, UbuntuNet-Connect 2011 will dwell also on emerging networks and collaboration in Africa in order to spotlight the early adopters in exploiting the growing e-infrastructure and cheaper regional and global connectivity.

UbuntuNet-Connect 2011 was held from the 23rd to the 25th of November 2011 at Safari Park Hotel in Nairobi, the hub of East Africa’s tourism Mecca. The event was hosted by the Kenya Education Network (KENET).


UbuntuNet-Connect 2011 addressed the broad topic of research and education networking in Africa, under (but not limited to) the following sub-themes:

  • Content networks and Applications
  • Regional and international collaboration
  • Innovation
  • Rolling out the REN Infrastructure
  • Marketing, communication and dissemination

The UbuntuNet-Connect events provide major commercial and publicity opportunity for services and technology companies.


Wednesday, 23rd November 2011
Pre-Conference Workshop on Research Applications and e-Infrastructures
Sponsored by EU FP7 CHAIN Project 
12:30 Lunch sponsored by Gold Sponsor  Sight and Sound Ltd and Lantech  Speaker: Sight and Sound
14:15 Workshop on Research Applications and e-Infrastructures
Session Chair: Margaret Ngwira, CHAIN Project and UbuntuNet Alliance
Rapporteur: Professor Ludek Matyska, CHAIN Project
Welcome remarks Prof. Meoli Kashorda, CEO KENET,
Eng. Victor Kyalo, Kenya ICT Board
Keynote address Prof. Federico Ruggieri, CHAIN Coordinator, INFN
14:45 Setting up National Grid Initiatives, based on SEE-GRID model (CHAIN)
15 minutes presentation + 10 minutes Discussion
Dr Ognjen Prnjat
 15:10 CHAIN: The NGI value proposition in South Africa (National Grid Initiative) Dr Bruce Becker, SAGrid
 15:35 Health break
 15:50 Latin American CLARA experience, CHAIN advances and their implementation in Africa Prof. Luis Nunez
16:15 eb@leGrid and the introduction of Desktop Grid in the DRC Prof. Dibungi Kalenda, University of Kinshasa
16:35 e-Applications Tutorial and Roundup Prof. Roberto Barbera
17:40 Vote of thanks Dr F F Tusubira, CEO, UbuntuNet Alliance
17:45-18:45 Ice breaker cocktail sponsored by the EU FP7 CHAIN Project
19:00 Dinner sponsored by Gold Sponosr – Frontier Optical Networks (FON) and Soliton Dinner Speaker
Thursday, 24th November 2011 – Day 1
UbuntuNet-Connect 2011 – Access for Success
07:00-08:15 Breakfast sponsored by Silver Sponsor, WIOCC
07:30-08:30 Registration – continued Bernadette Mwandau and Ernest Kingi (receiving payment)
Opening Session
Session Chair: 
Dr Elijah Omwenga, KENET Management Board
Dr Jimmy Macharia, USIU
08:30- 09:00 Introductions (by country) Dr F F Tusubira, CEO, UbuntuNet Alliance
09:00-09:05 Welcome remarks from the Chair of the UbuntuNet Alliance Prof. Zimani Kadzamira
09:05-09:10 Welcome remarks from KENET Prof. Meoli Kashorda, CEO, KENET
09:10-09:30 Opening Remarks by Ministry of Information and Communications Dr. Bitange Ndemo
09:30-09:55 Keynote address and opening by Guest of Honour Prof. Margaret Kamar, Minister of Higher Education, Science & Technology
09:55-10:00 Vote of Thanks Prof. Abraham Idowu, KENET Management Board
10:00- 10:45 Group Photograph and Health Break and Exhibition Visit Organizing Committee
10:45-12:00 Sub-theme 1: Access for Success
Session Chair: Dr Iman Abuel Maaly Abdelrahman, CEO, SUIN
Rapporteur: Dr Jimmy Macharia, USIU
10:45-11:10 ICT Indicators in Higher Education: towards an e-readiness assessment model
15 minutes presentation + 10 minutes Discussion
Prof. Meoli Kashorda and Prof. Timothy Waema
11:10-11:35 Impact of connectivity on Researcher Behaviour: Baseline
15 minutes presentation + 10 minutes Discussion
 Dr F.F. Tusubira and Dr Ali Ndiwalana
11:35-12:00 Access to Global Research Information: Collaborating for Research – the Arcadia study
15 minutes presentation + 10 minutes Discussion
Agatha N Kabugu, University of Nairobi Library
12:00-12:40 AfricaConnect
12:00-12:15 The EU-ACP contribution to AfricaConnect 
15 Minutes presentation + 10 minutes Discussion
Marco Sioli, Programme Manager, EU DEVCO
12:15-12:40 AfricaConnect Status Update
15 minutes presentation + 10 minutes Discussion
Cathrin Stover, Head, International Relarions, DANTE
12:40-14:00 Lunch sponsored by Silver Sponsor, CISCO   Speaker: CISCO Representative
14:00-16:00 Sub-theme 2: Rolling out and operating REN infrastructure
Session Chair:
Rapporteur: Dr. Gerald Chege, KENET Management Board
14:00-14:15 Theme Keynote Address Francis Wangusi, Ag DG, CCK
14:15-14:40 Fostering a Secure Framework for National Research and Educational Network
15 minutes presentation + 10 minutes Discussion
Dr. Ajayi, Olutayo B.
14:40-15:05 SUVL, SUIN and SudREN; the history of the Sudanese Education Network
15 minutes presentation + 10 minutes Discussion
Prof. Abdelrahim Osman Mohamed
15:05-15:30 Expanding e-learning initiatives in Malawi: the case of KCN
15 minutes presentation + 10 minutes Discussion 
Charlie Maere, University of Malawi
15:30-16:00 Health Break
16:00-16:30 The GEANT vision Cathrin Stover, Head, IR, DANTE
17:30- 17:35 Panel Discussion on African NRENs – the next 10 years (looking at the future direction of NRENs in Africa)
Session Chair:
 Dr F F Tusubira, CEO, UbuntNet Alliance

Rapporteur: Dr Patrick Mangheni, CEO, RENU6 panelists, each to use 6 minutes, followed by audience input and questions
Eng. Victor Kyalo, Kenya ICT Board
Dr Duncan Martin, CEO, TENET
Ann Doyle, Internet2
Cathrin Stover, DANTE/GEANT
Prof Meoli Kashorda, KENET
Louis Fox. Pacific Northwest Gigapop
18:00- 20:00 Gala Dinner sponsored by Silver+ Sponsor, Safaricom Ltd Speaker: Safaricom Ltd Representative
Friday, 25th  November 2011 – Day 2
UbuntuNet-Connect 2011 – Access for Success 
08:30-10:20 Sub-theme 3: e-Applications and Collaboration
Session Chair: 
08:30-08:55 Synergizing E-infrastructures Initiatives to Foster E-science in Higher Education Institutions in Africa
15 minutes presentation + 10 minutes Discussion
Simon Karume
08:55-09:20 Model for cooperation between European and non-European e-Infrastructures (CHAIN)
15 minutes presentation + 10 minutes Discussion
Prof. Ludek Matyska
09:20-09:45 Widening the number of e-Infrastructure users with Science Gateways and Identity Federations
15 minutes presentation + 10 minutes Discussion
Prof. Roberto Barbera
09:45-10:05 Health break
10:05-11:00 Panel Discussion on Building e-infrastructures for African NRENs, Universities and Research Institutes
Session Chair: 
Dr Duncan Martin, CEO, TENET
Rapporteur: MAREN6 panelists, 6 minutes each and panel discussion
Joshua Chepkwony
James Wasike, WIOCC
Eng Abdulrahman Sheik, Soliton Telemec
Dr Tom Schmid, DFN
Andy Vallely, CISCO
Dr Muliaro Wafula, JKUAT, Kenya
Sub-theme 3: e-Applications and Collaboration – continued
Session Chair: Dr Patrick Mangheni, CEO, RENU
Rapporteur: ZAMREN
11:00- 11:25 Innovative photonic devices for emerging NRENs
15 minutes presentation + 10 minutes Discussion
Pavel Škoda, Jan Radil, Lada Altmannová, Miloslav Hůla, Stanislav Šíma, Josef Vojtěch
General Papers
11:25- 11:50 Dynamics and behavior of factors influencing Internet pricing
15 minutes presentation + 10 minutes Discussion
John Walubengo
11:50- 12:15 Visibility: towards a Communication Strategy for UbuntuNet Alliance
15 minutes presentation + 10 minutes Discussion
Rose Chisowa and Tiwonge Msulira Banda, UbuntuNet Alliance
12:15-12:30 Evaluation
12:30-12:50 Closing Ceremony Keynote Address Prof. Crispus Kiamba, PS Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Technology
13:00 Lunch sponsored by SilverSponsor JTL  Speaker: Joshua Chepkwony, JTL