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GTDiA – Global Transit Delivered in Africa

GTDiA is a complete Internet access service that provides IP inter-connectivity via the UbuntuNet Network with other NRENs and with commodity internetworks in Africa and elsewhere in the World. It includes:

  • Inter-connectivity with GÉANT at the PoPs in London and Amsterdam,and through GEANT, access to other regional RENs globally.
  • Inter-connectivity with other Participating NRENs and UbuntuNet’s peers and content providers (such as with connections to the Regional Backbone Network.
  • Unrestricted access to the Regional REN Backbone – i.e. traffic flows between UbuntuNet and the NREN network are restricted only by the capacities of the interconnection port and local access circuit.

GTDiA is available to Beneficiary RENs at any Regional PoP. Generally, an NREN that uses the GTDiA service will need no other UbuntuNet connectivity service.