UbuntuNet Alliance Rolls Out Digital Certificates Services.

As the modern world and the organizations within it increasingly integrate themselves to the use of digital tools, having a website has become nothing short of an expectation for any organization. With all the security concerns that come with the use of websites to traffic important files, there is need to ensure the high-level security.

UbuntuNet Alliance and its sister African Regional Research and Education Networks, WACREN and ASREN, received 5,000 Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certificates in 32016, to distribute to their members.  The SSL digital certificates authenticate a website’s identity and enable encrypted communication between a client and the server on which the website is hosted, therefore providing increased security for web transactions and data.

Following the expiry of the free certificates, the Alliance has negotiated with Sectigo [MO1] to offer SSL certificates to NRENs and their member institutions to improve the credibility and security of their online transactions.  To learn or subscribe to these services, please contact our Services Portfolio Manager, Alex Mwotil at alex.mwotil@ubuntunet.net.

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