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Invitation to Tender for the Supply and Support of Packet Layer Routing and Switching Equipment

UbuntuNet Alliance is registered as a Trust in Malawi and operates as a not-for-profit business entity, providing connectivity and other value-added services to member National Research and Education Networks (NRENs) across the Eastern and Southern Africa. It also manages projects supported by development partners, especially the European Commission.

This notice is to advertise our Invitation to Tender for the supply and support of IP / MPLS equipment for various locations across the whole of the east and southern regions of the African continent. The existing packet layer equipment (based upon the Juniper MX series of routers)has been in operation for approaching 10 years at some sites and is reaching the end of its supportable life.

With an economic life expectancy in the region of 8-10 years from installation we now require a new commercial and contractual model that will both support the existing Juniper network as well as support the acquisition (and ongoing, ‘in depth support’) of new packet layer routing equipment in a flexible and cost-effective way to either upgrade existing Juniper MX chassis or replace entirely with a new OEM solution.

Bidders that can support both the above-described models are encouraged to demonstrate this flexibility. The aim of this tender exercise is to establish one or more Framework Agreements for the supply and support of packet layer routing equipment and services , for use within the research network in south and east Africa – the UbuntuNet. The winning bidder(s) will be able to demonstrate their ability to supply and support a range of IP MPLS routing equipment, support the existing Juniper estate, and be capable of managing international logistics and deployment within the region.

Please use the documents below for further information on the requirements of the tender.

A complete tender proposal should be submitted to not later than 18:00 CAT on 1st of September, 2023.

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