Cloud Computing for Higher Education: A Webinar with AWS Experts

Cloud services have revolutionized the way organizations operate, and research and education institutions are no exception. The scalability, cost-effectiveness, and convenience of cloud solutions have made them an attractive option for institutions looking to improve their infrastructure and enhance their services. To provide insights on this topic, the UbuntuNet Alliance and Amazon Web Services (AWS) recently organized a series of webinars that aimed to highlight the importance of cloud services for research and education.

In the third virtual webinar, held on 27th April 2023, AWS experts covered three key topics that provided participants with valuable insights into the benefits of cloud services. The first topic, Cloud Economics and Cloud Financial Management, was presented by Fuad Zaru, the Business Development Manager for Middle East & Africa. He introduced the cost-saving plans that are available and applicable to cloud-provisioned theories, helping participants to understand how to make the most of these resources.

The second topic, Live Demo – AWS Virtual Labs for Higher Education, was conducted by Shadrack Anguyo, an AWS Solutions Architect. He demonstrated the provisioning and use of virtual desktops to support multiple users using a light-weight client application. These desktops can be installed with virtually any application and can be massively scaled to meet user demands. This demonstration showed how cloud services can help research and education institutions improve their infrastructure and provide their users with a better experience.

Finally, Shadrack addressed one of the key concerns associated with cloud adoption – security. He highlighted how higher education institutions can improve security and minimize risks by using AWS’s set of security-as-a-service tools that allow users to easily enforce security policies for its infrastructure. This topic is crucial for institutions that are considering cloud services but are concerned about the risks associated with them. The presentation provided valuable insights into how institutions can enhance their security by leveraging the tools and resources provided by AWS.

Overall, the webinars provided valuable insights into the benefits of cloud services for research and education, particularly for institutions looking to improve their infrastructure and enhance their services. Cloud services offer scalability, cost-effectiveness, and convenience, making them an attractive option for institutions looking to enhance their services. The webinars showed how institutions can make the most of these resources by leveraging cost-saving plans, using virtual desktops, and improving their security. If you missed the webinars, the recording is available with the access details below:
Passcode: XR=C$H29

UbuntuNet Alliance extends its appreciation to Amazon Web Services for sharing their knowledge in this webinar which is part of the capacity building initiatives carried out under the AfricaConnect3 project.

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