Raising Awareness for AfricaConnect3 project at the 15th Annual eLearning Africa Conference

Technology continues to play an increasing role in Research and Education as the world makes strides in E-learning. The eLearning Africa conference brings together organizations, leaders and enthusiasts from across the world who are actively shaping the future of research and education through technology. This provides a great platform for networking and raising awareness.

UbuntuNet Alliance, alongside its sister organization GÉANT, set up an exhibition booth at this year’s eLearning conference which was the 15th International Conference & Exhibition on ICT for Education, Training & Skills Development. The three-day conference took place in Kigali, Rwanda from 11th to 13th May 2022. This presented a great platform for raising awareness about the NRENs and the AC3 project and the massive role that both continue to play in research and education across Africa.

The AfricaConnect3 project exhibition booth welcomed hundreds of participants who learned about the AC3 project, how NRENs play a role and how it has impacted research and education across the continent. The significance of the project attracted many potential partners as service providers of various eLearning products. Also present at the conference were the UbuntuNet Alliance CEO, project manager, and Advocacy and Donor Engagement Manager for GÉANT. Their presence and active participation in various sessions enabled them to further raise awareness for research and education networks and connect with current and potential stakeholders including government officials, university representatives and service providers.

Being part of the eLearning conference was of great benefit to not only the AfricaConnect3 project and UbuntuNet Alliance, but also to the African NREN community and research and education institutions as it shall be seen in the future.

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