Re-Establishing Formal Ties with the Association of African Universities

The Association of African Universities (AAU), based in Accra Ghana, and UbuntuNet Alliance have had formal collaborations since UbuntuNet’s founding in 2006.  Overtime, however, the ties have waned and the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between the two organisations has expired. 

That is all set to change.  On May 4, 2022, the Alliance CEO Prof Madara Ogot held a meeting with the Secretary-General of the AAU, Prof Olusola Bandele Oyewole, at the Association’s Offices in Accra, Ghana.  High on the agenda was the re-establishment of formal collaborations between the two institutions through an updated MoU. 

Areas of collaboration would, among others, seek to strengthen National Research and Education Networks in Eastern and Southern Africa; jointly organise regional and international events to promote digitalisation of African Universities; work on initiatives to promote and support African scholarship, open science, and open access; and mobilise funds for joint projects and initiatives.

The Association of African Universities was founded in 1967, to provides a platform for research, reflection, consultation, debates, co-operation and collaboration on issues pertaining to higher education. It offers a wide range of services to its members and continues to serve African higher education in a variety of ways. With an initial membership of 34 universities in 1967, today the Association has over 360 members drawn from across the continent.

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