Register for the Virtual Workshop on Collaboration between AfriGEO & AfricaConnect3

UbuntuNet Alliance in collaboration with its sister African Regional Education Networks of West and Central African Research and Education Network (WACREN) and the Arab States Research and Education Network ( ASREN) invite you to register for the African Group on Earth Observation (AfriGEO) and AfricaConnect3 Collaboration workshop which will be held on Wednesday, 19th August 2020 from 10:00am – 11:30am GMT.

The main objective of this workshop is to provide insight on potential collaboration between the African Regional Research and Education Networks, with the support of the AfricaConnect3 project, and the African Group on Earth Observation (AfriGEO). 

Among other activities and objectives, AfricaConnect3 project aims to support the African regional research and education communities (like AfriGEO and its member institutions) through the provision of dedicated and high bandwidth internet access via the National Research and Education Networks (NRENs) of each country in Africa. A dedicated activity for this purpose was included in the description of action in the AfricaConnect3 contract. This activity is led by the Arab States Research and Education Network (ASREN) in collaboration with sister regional African RENs (UbuntuNet Alliance and WACREN). 

Representing UbuntuNet Alliance and WACREN, ASREN will cooperate with AfriGEO Secretariat to approach all research centers and universities to explore the status (and opportunities) of connectivity and access needs for these institutions. It is also important to explore the presence of an NREN in the country where that center/university is located and if it is connected to that NREN.

It is crucial for the regional centers to be connected to the research and education networks in order to be able to utilize the regional internet links. They will also promote the deployment of shared services for these communities starting with eduroam and federated access including eduGAIN.

 Advocacy will be conducted for the needs of AfriGEO in terms of data exchange and access mechanisms. It is necessary to lobby at the level of EU, AUC and other potential support organisations for a new project dedicated for these communities and for providing them with a cloud-based platform.

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