Advancing Open Science: A Mid-Year Review and Exciting Second Half of the Open Science Webinar Series.

In collaboration with Access to Perspectives, UbuntuNet Alliance has been hosting an enlightening Open Science Webinar Series since October 2023. This initiative, under a project funded by the ORCID Global Participation Fund, is dedicated to establishing ORCID-facilitated multi-stakeholder consortia aimed at enhancing scholarly knowledge sharing across Africa. By leveraging scholarly repository systems such as OSF, Figshare, ScienceOpen, and PubPub, the project focuses on regional and research topic/discipline-specific collaborations. Additionally, it advocates for integrating persistent identifiers (PIDs), particularly the Research Organization Registry (ROR), to boost African institutional reputations and complement existing infrastructures.

In the first half of 2024, this webinar series has made significant strides in capacity and community building. We have successfully conducted 12 webinars, each focusing on the transformative impact of PIDs. These sessions highlighted the pivotal role of three key PIDs (ORCID, ROR, and DOI) in enhancing the discoverability of African research on the global stage. Our expert speakers, coming from organizations such as Invest in Open Infrastructure, Figshare, ScienceOpen, FAIRsharing, DataCite, the African Open Science Platform and more; shared invaluable insights and strategies on leveraging PIDs within the African research landscape. For those who missed these enriching sessions, all recordings are available on YouTube: Watch the Webinars here.

We are thrilled to announce an exciting lineup of webinars for the second half of 2024. These upcoming sessions will continue to empower African researchers, librarians, and institutions with the knowledge to optimize research discoverability and advance scholarly contributions. We are excited to welcome professionals from esteemed organizations such as the Africa PID Alliance, Curtin Open Knowledge Initiative (COKI), The Dataverse Project, Prereview, and more.

We invite you to join us in these webinars and be part of the transformative journey of open science in Africa. Stay informed about the latest updates and register for the webinars here: Upcoming Webinars Registration.

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