RENU Launch eduroam on the GO

On the 8th day of September 2022, the Research and Education Network of Uganda (RENU) celebrated two years of Metro eduroam. The occasion was marked by the launch of an innovation that may revolutionize eduroam worldwide, eduroam on the GO!  This is a pocket-sized routing device developed to allow researchers, students and university staff to connect to eduroam and the internet at anytime and anywhere. This means that eduroam users do not have to access the wiFi service from only fixed locations which are few.

What are the benefits of using eduroam on the Go?

  • Fulltime access to eduroam and the Internet: eduroam on the Go gives you access to eduroam and the Internet Anytime, Anywhere. This means you are connected 24/7. Researchers, for example, are able to exchange data while in the field or work away from office.
  • Free, Secure, Trusted: eduroam on the Go bears all the characteristics of eduroam, i.e., it is FREE, SECURE, and TRUSTED. It is secure and trusted because it works with the authentication infrastructure and databases of a user’s home institution.
  • Secure remote access to institutional resources: From e-books to office databases, eduroam on the Go gives researchers and university staff secure remote access to their institutional resources Anytime, Anywhere.
  • Unlimited access: With eduroam on the Go, you no longer need to worry about your data bundles running out – it is unlimited!
  • Portability: The device is portable and user-friendly. It can fit in your pocket or bag.
  • Mobility: You can move with eduroam on the Go wherever you go. Think of it as your “mobile eduroam hotspot”. In other words, you can access secure and trusted connectivity Anytime, Anywhere.

Read the full story on RENU’s website.

Image sourced from YouTube Video: eduroam on the GO!

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