RENU Conducts Direct Engineering Assistance (DEA) at University of St. Joseph (USJ), Mbarara.

As part of their annual capacity building programme the Research and Education Network of Uganda (RENU) are carrying out direct engineering assistance at the University of St. Joseph (USJ), Mbarara. This is the second DEA being carried out this year with the first one being carried out at Equatorial University of Science and Technology (EQUSaT).

The DEA aims to equip the network and systems engineers of RENU member institutions with the skills to set up, manage and maintain clean, and efficient networks. This is achieved by taking the engineers through a boot camp in which they are equipped within the necessary skills. As part of the boot camp, RENU hands over network equipment to the university.

From 3rd – 7th March 2022, RENU are carrying out this boot camp at USJ. This University was established by the Archdiocese of Mbarara (AoM) in 2009. It is made up of two main faculties: faculty of education and science; and faculty of business and social sciences.

UbuntuNet Alliance for Research and Education Networking is glad to have a member as vibrant as RENU which continues to serve its community with innovation and diligence. Congratulations to USJ for benefiting from this project and to RENU for continuing to be a great example to NRENs worldwide.

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