NREN Network Engineers Training 2022: BGP Zero to Hero

From 21st to 25th March 2022, UbuntuNet Alliance organized a workshop for NREN engineers titled “BGP Zero to Hero.” Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) is the routing protocol that enables the exchange of routing information between autonomous systems.

The workshop targeted technical personnel from the Alliance member NRENs. It comprised of theoretical and practical sessions on IS-IS and BGP routing techniques and was attended by 10 people from various member NRENs within the community. All attendees are to receive certificates of completion for this workshop.

Commenting on the training, Mr. Lambert Niyungeko, a network engineer from the Burundi Research and Education Network (BERNET) said the skills acquired during the training would help NREN engineers apply best BGP practices in their NREN backbones.

Eb@le network engineer Rostand Kasereka said he was happy with the convenience of the multivendor training platform as trainees were able to attend all sessions and complete the practical exercises online.

From iRENALA, network engineer Lalanirina Andriantsitohaina thanked the UbuntuNet Alliance for the timely workshop and the opportunity to simulate real-life networking challenges that NREN engineers face in their day-to-day roles.

Details on future workshops and events are available on the UbuntuNet alliance events page ( Updates for all events are also available through Ubuntunet Alliance Twitter (@Ubuntunet) and Facebook page (UbuntuNet Alliance). Please follow us to learn more and stay updated.

Capacity building exercises are held as part of the AfricaConnect3 project which is funded by the EU Commission.

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