Welcoming New Assistant Accountant and Business Development Officer.

UbuntuNet Alliance is pleased to announce the appointment of Mrs. Sheriffa Kadammanja as Accounts assistant and Harold Bowa as Business development officer for a term of 3 years respectively, starting January 2023.

Mrs. Sheriffa Kadammanja has a proven track record emanating from her experience working in the Finance Department as a Finance Officer for a decade. During this time she has worked with international organizations such as Vision Fund, World Vision and most recently I-TECH Malawi. Currently, Sheriffa is in her final year of study in her Masters in Business administration course. An education which is being acquired from the Malawi Institute of Management. She is a holder of a bachelors degree in Accounting, Audit and Information Systems from the Malawi College of accountancy.

Harold Bowa holds a bachelors degree in social sciences acquired from the University of Malawi. He has been appointed as Business Development Officer following a year long term as the Business development intern and a 2 months period serving as a consultant for UbuntuNet Alliance. During his tenure as an intern, he also took on the role of acting communications officer for the organization.  Prior to joining UbuntuNet Alliance, Harold worked with notable organizations such as Standard bank of Malawi and Telecommunications Networks Malawi as a Market researcher and data collector respectively.

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