UbuntuNet Alliance ropes in Service Portfolio Manager

The UbuntuNet Alliance team continues to grow.

On 1st August this year, the Alliance welcomed, as part of its staff, Nosiku Sikanyika, former Zambia Research and Education Network (ZAMREN) Systems Administrator who has joined as Service Portfolio Manager.

Sikanyika brings to the Alliance vast experience in research and education networking having worked at the Zambia National Science and Technology Council (NSTC) an the arm of the Zambian government that regulates research in the country before moving to ZAMREN where she was largely involved in installing and maintaining systems for research and education institutions in Zambia.

According to Sikanyika, joining UbuntuNet Alliance is an exciting phase of her career as it is a combination of her previous places of employment but with a wider scope.

“Joining UbuntuNet is exciting because my role here will involve both policy (getting countries to work together) and installation and maintenance of ICT systems for the education and research community. I look forward to working with all 16 NRENs and with those from beyond the region,” said Sikanyika.

Commenting on her vision for the Alliance, Sikanyika says her new role is crucial for the organization as it aims to grow the Alliances’ unique value proposition that will distinguish it from commercial ISPs. 

“The AfricaConnect projects have brought dedicated connectivity and greatly reduced the cost of connectivity to research and education institutions in Africa. This has been a blessing to NRENs as they have been able to pass on the reduced costs to the member institutions, However, commercial providers have not been left out in this area and their prices have also gone down. The challenge for NRENs and UbuntuNet Alliance is to provide internet connectivity to members at a reduced rate while still maintaining operations and remaining competitive. My role is to grow the services that will set the Alliance apart from commercial providers. My vision is to see connectivity cut across the continent to enable redundant links and have services developed by Africans for Africans.”

A Zambian national and a mother of two, Sikanyika is appealing to the NREN community to join hands with her in driving her vision and that of the Alliance in designing and deploying e-application services for research and education institutions within the Alliance membership region.  

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