The Africarxiv Open Science Webinar Series

AfricarXiv is an open-access portal to increase the discoverability of research output from and about Africa, with a strategic focus on supporting the dissemination of African research output to the global scholarly community by providing the tools and infrastructure for better discoverability of African research and facilitating reputation building for African researchers and research institutions. AfricarXiv (, currently being migrated to the UbuntuNet Open Science Cloud (, has integrated digital scholarly infrastructure, including persistent identifiers like DOI, ORCID and ROR.

Also, as part of its core mission in support of Open Science, UbuntuNet Alliance serves as the Southern Node of the African Open Science Platform (AOSP). AOSP aims to position African scientists at the cutting edge of data-intensive science by stimulating interactivity and creating opportunity through the development of efficiencies of scale, building critical mass through shared capacities, amplifying impact through a commonality of purpose and voice, and engaging relevant organisations to multiply these efforts through joint action.

In this context and with initial support from the ORCID, UbuntuNet Alliance, in conjunction with Access 2 Perspectives, is pleased to announce its Africarxiv Open Science Webinar Series. The series aims to assist African researchers, librarians, and institutions in adopting digital tools and persistent identifiers to significantly increase African research discoverability and improve efficiency in scholarly workflows. Webinars on topical issues shall be presented at least once per month.

Upcoming Webinars in December 2023

  • The Lens – scholarly and patent literature as a public good to inform problem-solving in Africa.
    Monday | Dec 04, 2023 |10am WAT – 11am CAT – 12pm EAT | Speakers: Mark Garlinghouse and Aaron Ballagh
  • Research Organization Registry (ROR) – the identifier for research institutions and universities – a spotlight on Africa.
    Monday | Dec 11, 2023 at 2pm WAT – 3pm CAT – 4pm EAT | Speaker: Amanda French

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