State University of Zanzibar shines in drone mapping programme

In what would be described as a perfect send-off, the State University of Zanzibar (SUZA) on Friday, 22nd November 2018, the last day of UbuntuNet-Connect 2018, treated conference attendees to a tour at the institution, where the delegates were delighted to appreciate the university’s Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) mapping Initiative which is helping the Governments of Zanzibar’s Commission for Lands map the exotic Island using low cost drones.

SUZA has been critical in the success of the Zanzibar Mapping Initiative which has now seen close to 2300km2 of the Island being mapped in high resolution with all data set now available for use and download on the initiative’s website.

As one of the implementing partners of the project alongside the Tanzania Commission for Science and Technology (COSTECH) and the World Bank, SUZA has been accredited for providing some of the best and most demanded drone pilots for the project and the entire UAS industry. SUZA has since established a drone lab and students and institutions from near and far are visiting the institution to learn how the project is fairing.

And as a special treat to UbuntuNet-Connect 2018 participants, SUZA Vice Chancellor, Prof. Idris Rai who had earlier presented about the drone programme during the VC ICT Forum extended an invitation to the participants to tour his university on Friday and it was clear that the participants were overwhelmed by what they saw at the facility.

One of the participants, Prof. Wilson Okaka of Kyambogo University was delighted with the visit at SUZA saying it was a great inspiration to the team.

“The visit to the State University of Zanzibar was very exciting especially the digital technology and above all, the drone technology. There was a demonstration which involved launching the drone twice to take photographs and the second launching was done by one female VCs from Uganda. It was so great to have such a wonderful and memorable experience,” said Prof. Okaka.

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