NUANCE celebrates eighth anniversary: New dedicated columns in the pipeline

During the month of June every year, UbuntuNet Alliance celebrates the anniversary of the Newsletter of UbuntuNet Alliance: Networks, Collaboration, Education (NUANCE), a monthly e-newsletter that carries latest Research and Education networking updates from within the Alliance region and the rest of the global R&E networking community.

June 2016 marks 8 years of existence of the publication whose first edition was published on the UbuntuNet website in June 2008.

Since that period, at least 110 more editions of the newsletter have been uploaded on the UbuntuNet Alliance website and sent to a special mailing list that now contains over 3000 subscribers.

To celebrate this landmark, the NUANCE editorial team will be introducing two special columns in subsequent editions, starting from July this year to add to the great reading experience the journal has provided you with since it was introduced.

Our NREN members will now have a chance raise their profiles to their prospective members and to the outer world through a new column that will be dedicated to improving the visibility of our NREN Members. Through this column, readers will have a chance to familiarize with the background, current status, network topology and success stories of a featured NREN.

If you are an expert on a crossing cutting or emerging ICT field like cloud services, eduroam or Identity Federation-just to mention a few- and would like to share with our community what your area of specialisation is all about and how it is relevant to Research and Education networking, then that chance seems to have come sooner as invited and willing experts in different fields will be given another special column to write on a specific field in each edition of NUANCE.

To celebrate the 8th anniversary of the newsletter, we dug down the NUANCE archive and decided to give you a feel of theĀ first edition.

We hope you will find it interesting and we thank you for being one of the subscribers to the NUANCE mailing list.

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