Happy 9th anniversarry to NUANCE

The Newsletter of UbuntuNet Alliance: Networks, Collaboration, Education (NUANCE) is celebrating another milestone after clocking nine years of existence on 1st May 2017.

The official monthly e- newsletter of UbuntuNet Alliance was first published on the Alliance’s website on 1st May 2008 and since then it has evolved to become one of the leading newsletters in the global research and education networking community.

Since its introduction, the newsletter continues to grow bigger and now boasts over 3500 subscribers and an average 2500 readership by release of next edition.

And to give member NRENs a platform to reach out to the scientific community, the newsletter has recently been featuring dedicated columns from CEO and CTO who have been explaining the progresses and challenges their NRENs are experiencing.

Apart from providing this platform, the newsletter also continues to bring to the NRENs news from other regions of the world to keep them up to date with research and collaboration breakthroughs and developments.

As the newsletter looks to celebrate its 10th anniversary next year, it promises to continue providing readers with research and education networking developments happening within the UbuntuNet Alliance region and beyond. Researchers, students and authors interested to contribute in the newsletter can do so by sending an email to info@ubuntunet.net.

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