12th Council of Members’ Meeting 27 April 2018, Windhoek, Namibia

The Chairperson of UbuntuNet Alliance, Professor Stephen Simukanga is pleased to announce that the 12th UbuntuNet alliance Annual General Meeting of Members (AGM) will be held in Windhoek, Namibia on Friday, 27 April 2018 starting from 9am. The Meeting will be hosted by Xnet Development Trust, the Namibian Research and Education Network.

The Annual General Meeting of Members is the highest policy body of UbuntuNet Alliance and is composed of Members and Observer Members (from NRENs in Construction). Among other duties, it is the one that appoints the Management Board.

The Annual General Meeting is being called in accordance with Article 18 of the Constitution of the Registered Trustees of the UbuntuNet Alliance for Research and Education Networking approved at the Special Meeting of Representative Members held on 11th April 2012 in Lilongwe, Malawi. 

Each Member NREN is entitled to submit the name of its Representative to the Annual General Meeting. It is desirable – but not mandatory – that the Representative is Chairperson or Member of the Board of the NREN or the CEO (Vice-Chancellor, Rector, or President) of one of the member institutions of the NREN so that there is a direct linkage between the policy level of the Alliance and the policy level of the member institutions of the NRENs. Representative Members have voting rights, whereas Observer Members do not.

CEOs of NRENs are welcome to attend on a self funding basis.

The agenda for the meeting will include discussion of the Annual Report; adoption of the Annual Accounts; and an update on the progress of the AfricaConnect2 project.

The programme of the events will be uploaded soon

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