UbuntuNet Alliance’s Journey at TNC2023: Paving the Way for African Research Excellence

UbuntuNet Alliance recently participated in the TNC23 conference organized by G√ČANT. The event, held in Tirana, Albania from 5th to 9th June 2023, revolved around the theme of “Digital Generations.” UbuntuNet Alliance seized this valuable opportunity to connect with fellow practitioners in research and education, fostering discussions on potential collaborations and advancements within the African community.

Representing UbuntuNet Alliance at the conference were Prof. Madara Ogot, the CEO; Eliakim Okundi, the Project Manager; and Harold Bowa, the Business Development Officer. Their presence ensured a strong representation of UbuntuNet Alliance’s commitment to driving transformative changes in research and education networks across the region.

The TNC23 conference provided an ideal platform for UbuntuNet Alliance to engage in fruitful discussions and forge connections with practitioners from around the world. Several meetings and engagements were held, focusing on advancements in research and education specifically tailored to benefit the Eastern and Southern African community. These interactions fostered the exchange of ideas, best practices, and potential collaborative opportunities, enabling UbuntuNet Alliance to remain at the forefront of technological advancements in the region.

Additionally, UbuntuNet Alliance took the opportunity to connect with private sector vendors, exploring innovative research and education services that hold relevance for the community. Such engagements serve as vital stepping stones to bridge the gap between academia and industry, ensuring that the research and education needs of the UbuntuNet Alliance community are met effectively.

Notably, the TNC23 conference served as an excellent platform to promote UbuntuNet Alliance’s own annual community research and education conference, UbuntuNet-Connect. Scheduled to take place in Uganda on 26th and 27th October this year, UbuntuNet-Connect 2023 aims to bring together stakeholders from across the region under the theme: Fostering creative and innovative research and education communities. The conference attendees eagerly shared details of UbuntuNet-Connect, generating excitement and anticipation within the international research and education community which are set to boost partnerships and attendance.

The TNC23 conference was meticulously organized, featuring outstanding social events that facilitated networking and cultural exchange. The city of Tirana provided a stunning backdrop for the event, further enhancing the overall experience. UbuntuNet Alliance extends its appreciation to the hosting NREN, RASH, for their exceptional organizational efforts, contributing to the success of the conference.

One of the highlights of the TNC23 conference for UbuntuNet Alliance was the opportunity to connect with numerous practitioners from the African community. These interactions showcased the wealth of expertise and innovation present within the African research and education sector, fostering a sense of unity and collaboration.

Meeting others from the African community

UbuntuNet Alliance expresses sincere congratulations to the organizers of TNC23 for hosting such a well-structured and inspiring conference. The organization looks forward to the opportunities that will arise from these connections and discussions, working collectively to empower the research and education community in Eastern and Southern Africa. With a focus on collaboration, innovation, and knowledge sharing, UbuntuNet Alliance remains dedicated to driving meaningful change and advancement in the region’s research and education landscape.

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