ZAMREN Growing Eduroam Service

Zambia Research and Education Network (ZAMREN) is currently extending the reach of its eduroam services. Eduroam is a service that allows users from participating institutions to gain secure access to wireless network using their standard username (email format)/ and password credentials as they do at their home institution for wireless access. It is based on a federated authentication model where user usernames and passwords are validated at their home institution and enables access to authorised network services that are controlled by the visited institution.

From five connected institutions as of November 2014, ZAMREN is preparing to scale up the service to more institutions in Lusaka and two other provinces of the country.

“ZAMREN will be providing Direct Engineering Assistance (DEA) to build skills within local institutions which will enable member institutions deploy and effectively manage eduroam services in the three provinces says Mr Bonny Khunga, the ZAMREN CEO.

“The following institutions in the Capital, Lusaka, will receive DEA: Evelyn Hone College, National Institute of Public Administration, Examination Council of Zambia, Baobab College, Lusaka Business and Technical College, University of Lusaka, International School of Lusaka and Lusaka International Community School,” adds Mr Khunga
ZAMREN will also implement the capacity building trainings in the Copperbelt Province at institutions including: Mukuba University, Northern Technical College and Zambia ICT College.

A list of Education Institutions in the Southern Province of Zambia are also set to benefit namely: Rusangu University and Charles Lwanga College of Education.Eduroam is also available in other Africa countries like Kenya, South Africa and Morrocco and widely available in Europe, Australia and North America.

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