Experts discuss an open access programme for Africa

The consultative forum, which was first in a series, discussed the agenda and programmes to investigate, develop, and evaluate the relevant technical infrastructure, policy implications, and sustainability models. The idea was to come up with interventions that can best serve the strategic and policy goals of the scholars, institutions and governments in the countries of the participants in order to eventually fulfil broader Open Scholarship objectives.

From UbuntuNet Alliance, the outgoing CEO, Tusu; and Tiwonge Banda, representing the incoming CEO ensured that the role of research and education networks was properly highlighted. The need for synergies between NRENs and National Academies of Sciences was emphasised because the latter are developers of content, while the former provide access networks.

Output of the consultative forum is being consolidated by NASAC and will be used to develop an Africa-wide Open Access programme coordinated through the National Academies of Sciences taking into account the various roles of different partners.

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