ZIMREN Successfully Hosts the UbuntuNet Alliance 17th Annual General Meeting.

UbuuntuNet Alliance successfully held its 17th Annual General Meeting (AGM) on May 5th, 2023, at the prestigious Cresta Lodge in Harare, Zimbabwe hosted by the Zimbabwean Research and Education Network. The event brought together NREN CEOs, UbuntuNet Alliance management, and the Alliance’s esteemed board to deliberate on matters governing the organization and make crucial decisions.

The meeting commenced with a warm welcome to the Cresta Lodge in Harare, Zimbabwe, where representatives from various member NRENs and the UbuntuNet Alliance convened to discuss important agenda items. The primary objectives of the AGM were to adopt the annual report for the year ended December 31, 2022, and approve the audited Annual Accounts for the same period. Additionally, the release of Trustees from liability, as per Article 16(2) of the Alliance Constitution, and the appointment of Auditors for the financial year 2023 were also on the agenda.

One of the key highlights of the AGM was the farewell to Professor Stephen Simukanga, the long-serving chairperson of the UbuntuNet Alliance board. Prof. Simukanga had dedicated two consecutive terms to the growth and development of the organization, leaving an indelible mark on its progress. His contributions were acknowledged by attendees, who expressed gratitude for his tireless efforts and steadfast leadership over the years. His final term ends in September of 2023 and he will be honored once again at the UbuntuNet-Connect 2023 conference.

The meeting witnessed active participation from UbuntuNet Alliance board members, staff, NREN CEOs, and NREN representatives. Out of the 26 attendees, 8 NREN CEOs were physically present at the Cresta Lodge, while an additional 3 NREN CEOs joined the proceedings online, embracing the virtual component to ensure broader accessibility and inclusivity.

During the AGM, robust discussions took place regarding the organization’s achievements, challenges, and strategic plans. The members engaged in insightful deliberations, reflecting their commitment to enhancing the Alliance’s impact and advancing research and education networks across the region.

Following the successful deliberations, the UbuntuNet Alliance concluded the AGM by adopting the annual report and audited Annual Accounts for the year ended December 31, 2022. The Trustees were also released from liability as per the Alliance Constitution, while the appointment of Auditors for the financial year 2023 was finalized. These decisions will play a crucial role in guiding the Alliance’s operations and financial management in the coming year.

As the AGM came to a close, the UbuntuNet Alliance expressed its gratitude to all participants for their valuable contributions and unwavering dedication. The event showcased the collaborative spirit and commitment of the member NRENs and reaffirmed the UbuntuNet Alliance’s position as a driving force for research and education networking in Africa.

Looking ahead, the UbuntuNet Alliance remains committed to its mission of fostering collaboration, knowledge sharing, and technological advancements among its members. With the continued support of its dedicated stakeholders, the Alliance is poised to propel Eastern and Southern Africa’s research and education landscape into a vibrant and interconnected future.

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