Strengthening UbuntuNet Alliance’s Corporate Governance

The day after the UbuntuNet Connect Conference in Kampala, Uganda, concluded, the Alliance’s Board of Trustees held a corporate governance workshop. The main agenda of the workshop was to review and discuss the outcomes of self-evaluations conducted by the Board and its Committees individually online a few weeks earlier. These annual evaluations are crucial activities that identify the functions and processes that are effective and the ones that need improvement for the Board.

The workshop was conducted by a competent team from the Institute of Corporate Governance of Uganda. It provided the participants with an opportunity to engage in candid discussions about the responsibilities of the Board and Trustees, as well as the interests and desires of the Trustees for the Alliance. The facilitators delivered informative presentations and also led engaging discussions on the latest developments in corporate governance, highlighting the nuances and peculiarities unique to many African countries.

After the conclusion of the workshop, the Board created a plan of action to address the weaknesses and gaps identified in its functions and processes. The document will be further refined and completed in the coming weeks for implementation in 2024.

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