UbuntuNet Alliance Welcomes New DevOps Engineer


UbuntuNet Alliance is thrilled to introduce Revelation Nyirongo as our new DevOps Engineer, who will play a pivotal role in our day-to-day operations, overseeing all aspects of development and packaging of value-added services for our esteemed National Research and Education Networks (NRENs).

With a remarkable background in systems support, informatics, and data warehousing, Revelation brings a wealth of expertise to our organization. As a DevOps Engineer, He will be part of the team spearheading our efforts to deliver cutting-edge solutions and provide unparalleled support to our network of NRENs across the region.

Revelation’s primary objective is to ensure seamless service management and innovation within our ecosystem. By leveraging DevOps practices, he will streamline the development process, promote collaboration between our teams, and accelerate the delivery of value-added services to our NREN partners.

Drawing from his experience as a Systems Support Lecturer, Systems Administrator at the High Commission of India (Lilongwe) and his roles as an Informatics Specialist and mHealth & Data Warehousing Specialist at Partners in Health, Revelation possesses the skills and knowledge necessary to tackle complex challenges and drive continuous improvement within the network.

As a DevOps Engineer, Revelation will play a critical role in managing the day-to-day operations of our value-added service development. His expertise in systems support and informatics will ensure efficient deployment, scalability, and reliability of our services, enabling NRENs to leverage cutting-edge technologies and innovations for research and education.

By embracing Revelation as our DevOps Engineer, UbuntuNet Alliance strengthens its commitment to excellence and service delivery. With his guidance, we will enhance our development processes, package value-added services, and offer our NREN partners an unparalleled experience.

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