RENU Identity Federation (RIF) Joins eduGAIN


The RENU Identity Federation (RIF) Joins eduGAIN

The eduGAIN Steering Group has announced that it has accepted the Research and Education Network for Uganda (RENU) Identity Federation (RIF) as an eduGAIN member.

eduGAIN is an international interfederation service interconnecting research and education identity federation. The service enables the secure exchange of information related to identity, authentication and authorisation between participating federations.

eduGAIN Steering Group Chair Brook Schofield announced that the group admitted the RIF as the 55th federation of eduGAIN on January 30 2018.

The RIF which was established in August 2016 t becomes the first federation in sub Saharan Africa, outside South Africa, to become an eduGAIN member.

Reacting to the federation’s admission as a member of eduGAIN, RENU Chief Technical Officer (CTO) Nicholas Mbonimpa says the development will be an enabling catalyst for the federation to enhance its collaboration with its outside world.

“Much as there is a lot of collaboration among researchers and academics in Uganda with those in other parts of the world (mainly the US and europe), sharing of content and services has not been straightforward. eduGAIN is simplest enabler for this sharing, and  RIF’s joining of eduGAIN will open up many possibilities for RENU member institutions. The next step is now bringing our Ugandan research and academic community up to speed on the possibilities now available to them through RIF and eduGAIN,” said Mbonimpa.

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