New CEOs for MoRENet and SudREN


The National Research and Education Networks for Mozambique (MoRENet) and Sudan (SudREN) have appointed new CEOs following the departure of former CEOs for the two NRENs a couple of months ago.

Prof. Lourino Alberto Chemane was in September this year appointed as the new CEO of MoRENet, replacing former CEO Eng. Dr Adriano Salvador who left the NREN in September 2015 and Joined Internet Solutions Mozambique. At SudREN, Dr. Khalid Elbadawi has been appointed new CEO following the departure of Dr. Sami Salih whose two year term of office came to an end in March 2016.

Speaking to NUANCE after his appointment, new CEO of MoRENet, Prof Lourino Chemane welcomed the challenge of heading the NREN saying his biggest vision is to work towards transforming MoRENet as the Mozambique Science, Technology and Innovation System data communication platform that is recognised by beneficiary institutions and that supports the provision of innovative services for the education and research community in Mozambique.

“We have to work towards gaining the recognition and support by the main stakeholders of the Science, Technology and Innovation System in Mozambique while we are expanding the coverage of the network, by bringing the professional and vocational training institutions to the network, and improving the quality and increasing the diversity of services provided by MoRENet. We also have to define and implement a business Model that can make MoRENet a sustainable initiative,” said Prof. Chemane.

A holder of a Doctor of Philosophy in Computer and Systems Science from the University of Stockholm, Sweden in 2011, Prof Chemane is a Professor at the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering at Eduardo Mondlane University in Mozambique.

And in his acceptance speech, new SudREN CEO Dr. Khalid Elbadawi pledged to work tirelessly to make SudREN a vibrant NREN and a very important member of UbuntuNet-Alliance.

‘Right now I am still familiarising myself with the new position so I will not say much. But our collective vision is to continue making SudREN a strong and reliable NREN that meets the needs of its community,” he said.

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