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The managing and editing team of the Newsletter of UbuntuNet Alliance: Networks, Collaboration, Education (NUANCE), the monthly e- Newsletter of the Alliance, is excited to announce the arrival of  a new highly responsive, social media integrated version of the newsletter designed for a great reading experience.

The popular newsletter which has been delivering news from the research and education networking community from within and outside the UbuntuNet Alliance region since 2008, will now be delivered via MailChimp with a new feel, look and design allowing subscribers to promptly share stories on their social media channels.

To enable you share the experience of the redesigned newsletter, we kindly ask you to re-subscribe for the newsletter if you have been receiving the old version and subscribe if you were not subscribed to the previous subscription list. You can simply subscribe below:

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The NUANCE team will be happy to receive tips for news stories and publish research and education networking stories from your community. You can contact the team by sending an email to

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