PROC201706 – Open Tender for IP Routing Equipment

This tender will establish a Framework Agreement (FA) – in support of the research and education sector – for
IP routing and ancillary products, delivery and import thereof as well as installation and support throughout the
Eastern and Southern African R&E region. It will support the extant Juniper estate that makes up the regional
research networking infrastructure as it continues to grow through the life the AfricaConnect2 action.

It will support the supply of new equipment to integrate with the existing Juniper network where we move forward with
the establishment of new routes to newly joining NRENs in countries such as Sudan, Botswana, Zimbabwe,
Madagascar, and Burundi. Later stages of the overarching programme of work under AfricaConnect2 may be to
look at future options for connecting into the forthcoming WACREN network in West Africa (also funded through
the Pan African Programme).

PQQ documentation, draft requirements and guidance documents are available below for download. Completed PQQ responses should be submitted by email to by 11 August 2017, 17:00hrs Central African Time. All enquiries should be sent to the same email address.

Additional Documents
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