Open Tender for Connectivity through a wide Range of Routes in Eastern and Southern Africa

This is an Open Tender (being conducted under the EC Directive 2014/2 on Public Procurement) for a wide range of routes.

It is running in parallel to the invitation for Final Bids that has just been submitted to the remaining bidders in the previous process.

Tenderers should not assume that the additional procurement will predetermine the outcome of the extant procedure as the Open Tender has a number of routes that were not included in the original call for competition.

The primary reason that the original diversity requirement routes from RENU have been included in the new tender is to assess what the overall affordability of the project looks like in the context of all UbuntuNet Alliance requirements over the life of Africa Connect 2 in order that we make best use of the available EC funding.

For information on the routing of any extant routes, please contact for all clarifications.

Additional Documents

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