TENET | South Africa

+27 21 763 7140

CEO:  Duncan Greaves
CTO: Len Lotz

House Vincent
Wynberg Mews
10 Ebenezer Road
Wynberg 7800
South Africa

Co-ordinates: -34.002971°  | 18.467444°

TENET is the South African NREN.  It was incorporated in 2000 as a non-profit company, and its members include every public university and some statutory research and science institutions.  In functional terms, TENET is as a fully licensed, specialised ISP for the higher education and research sector in South Africa. On a cost-recovery basis TENET provides high-speed on-net, national and international Internet services to some 160 campuses of 54 institutions (“the institutions”), including universities, research councils and other qualifying institutions.

The SANReN network (i.e. the network deployed by the SANReN Project) now forms the major part of the network that TENET operates.  Key components of the network operated by TENET were deployed by the Government-funded SANReN Project.  These include the 10 Gbps national backbone network that interconnectes the seven major cities, as well as optical fibre metropolitan networks in Cape Town, Durban, Johannesburg and Pretoria.  International connectivity is via TENET’s indefeasible rights of use of 10 Gbps capacity on the SEACOM submarine cable.

TENET is a founding member of the UbuntuNet Alliance, and relies upon UbuntuNet for peering and transit connections via UbuntuNet’s Facilities in Amsterdam and London.

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