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SudREN | Sudan
+249 155 66 20 50

CEO: Waleid El Mobarak
CTO:  Samir Elfadir

Information Technology and Network Administration (ITNA)
University of Khartoum

SudREN, the Sudanese Universities Information Network is the NREN of Sudan. In 2004, SudREN was first founded and developed under the umbrella of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research. Since the beginning of October 2009,SudREN has been operational under the umbrella of the Association of Sudanese Universities (ASU) which is a non-governmental organization body for all tertiary education and research institutions in Sudan.

An MoU was signed between thirty universities (ASU members), with a main objective to support the establishment ofSudREN as a legal independent body. Its main objective was to provide broadband connectivity among Sudanese research and educational institutions, with other NRENs in Africa and the rest of the world to increase sharing of knowledge and collaboration for research, education and development activities.

SudRENs overall goal is to promote research and education networking among post-secondary education and research institutions by pooling of resources and sharing the cost of common software and e-services.

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