UbuntuNet Alliance gears up for AfricaConnect2


UbuntuNet Alliance, one of the coordinators of the soon to be signed European Union funded AfricaConnect2 project, which aims to expand connectivity across the African continent, is already rolling up its sleeves in readiness for the rolling out of the project.

On 4-5 August 2015, the Alliance held a Price and Costing Model Workshop in Lilongwe, Malawi where among other objectives, participants sought to review the current cost and pricing strategy of the Alliance as well as determine how much NREN members will contribute for participation in AfricaConnect2.

Under the project, UbuntuNet Alliance, as a beneficiary is required to contribute 25 percent of the €10m needed for connectivity of Cluster 1:Eastern and Southern Africa cluster, which the Alliance will coordinate.

NREN members contributed €280,000.00 for participation in the initial AfricaConnect project which ran for four years from May 2011 to May 2015, to help the Alliance meet its 20 percentage contribution towards the €14.75m project.

The Cost and Pricing Workshop was attended by UbuntuNet Alliance CEO Dr. Pascal Hoba, his predecessor Eng. Dr. Tusu Tusubira, the Alliance’s Strategic Business Consultant Dr. Duncan Martin, ZAMREN CEO Bonny Khunga, his RENU counterpart Isaac Kasana, the Alliance’s Technical Manager Joe Kimaili, Finance and Administration Manager Tiwonge Banda and Accountant Beatrice Ng’ambi.

During the workshop participants hinted on maintaining low connectivity costs and increased bandwidth for NREN members.

The workshop agreed that a standard amount of contribution which NREN members will be required to pay for participation in the project will be officially revealed at a formal NREN CEO’s meeting.

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